It is Kir-Kit not Cricket ! It is Gamble not Game

It was a good day,when cricket analysts more mature than Sourav and Manjrekar were in a local dhabba adjacent to a tandoor were analysing what cricket has become,‘Dunya ka sabse fazul kaam cricket dekhna hai’,a boy in his late teens conversed in low tone,the tandoor-wala followed on saying,’sae kehay hai tou,aethay qaum nu umeedan la k janday ne,uthay kutay ho janday nay,haram khanday nay’,this is what I heard,its nonetheless real.
Sabse fazul kaam cricket he dekhna hai,jab test cricketer ko oneday mai khelatay hain tou woh semi-finals mai gand nae krta but question hai aesa kion khelta hai! Question isn’t what it is,because match is already fixed in one furnished room,where two persons,anonymous to world sit and book the match,u watch 50 overs,waste hell of the time and what you get?

‘Alhamdulilah,boys worked hard,boys are in good form,win lose is ok,we did good,Rameez bhai we will bring changes in coming series,they gave us tough time but thanks to Allah for everything and qualifying till here’

Another lad,before leaving for world-cup addressing media – we will Inshallah go into Semis,They did ! Because they knew.

One fine boy,worked hard and qualified to be in national team,this is it! Few matches,comes out of the pitch,Retirement Announced,asked; said that some forces call him and threaten him to follow them otherwise his family would be in danger.

11 players,4 captains then what remains is 7 players ? – an average of 2 players each under one captain on fielding,this is what cricket is,assuming we have 4 teams on ground – Aik Younis ki,Aik Afridi ki,Aik Misbah ki,Aik Razzaq ki ! Aamir sohail shouting over azharuddin,LetS start from Mohali – It is RUBBISH !

MEDIA – Kuta hai,Raymond Davis kay case ko low kardia by creating hype for world’s most highly sponsored match of WC2011 Semi-Finals,Pak v India

PCB – Kamina hai,sabse bara kuta,Ijaz usko chalata hai,salay se angrezi boli jati nae bara hero banta hai,haram pe palnay walay,kis kutay kay bachay jo dunya ko bewakuf bana kar apnay bank bhartay hain

BCCI – Iski tou baat he na kro,akhri 10 saalon se sabse corrupt board,aik aik player corrupt hai,aik aik official inka corrupt,inkay bookie or gamblers inkay dressing room mai behtay hotay hain,aiven Shane warne pehlay sab nae bta deta koi baat hoti hai,kehta hai draw hoga,woh draw hota hai match! High level ki khabasat hai,ap 50 overs k analysis mai damagh kharab karain

ICC – sabse corrupt,corruption ka Peyo,sala kis hadi ka bana hai,inka corruption board sabse corrupt banda chalaata raha hai,umpires,3rd umpires yeh sab bikay hain,Javed Miandad ki dubai se aik call ICC ka chairman change kar deti hai,Kia tum pagal ho jo match dekhtay ho,Gavaskar worldcup se pehlay keh deta hai,India jeet jaye ga kion kay iska line-up acha hai,Imran khan kehta hai No-Comments on Cricket,Pakistan jeet sakta hai but nahin jeetay ga,knowing people will sell out on ransom.

Players- Yeh sabse baray bhen kay takay hain,bikk jatay hain,NewZealand kay MOA BEER ne tou apni commercial campaign mai slogan banaya tha kay,’Aesi beer jisko pi kar Pakistani Cricketers se ziada aap prosper ho saktay hain’ or Pakistani Cricketers Back-Handers kaaha tha,Bilal Lashari wrote a letter,jispar unho ne mafi mangi thi

I can put more things,but gotta go,this is it from the board of Realities,ziada hyper honay di lorh nahin hai,cricket from last 10 years and before that was quite different,by the real world analysts it is stated that Cricket turned the tables from 1999 Worldcup in masses,when bribing the players began,hub was made in Dubai and SouthAfrica,players were guided,before that it was partial,much was clear to the world and beyond.

in some coming blogs I will prove you,there is NOT a single match which is not manipulated,EVRY MATCH that is screened on various channels,icluding IPL and County leagues,all are decided or manipulated,there is one match owner,and third party dealers,the players are rent-outs and stadium is the site,YOU ARE THE FOOL !


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The Men in Khaki

    • Well,late night and wanted something of change,happened to go through this passage; fact is that Army is symbol of valor but unfortunately the recent dictators have crushed the nation such that this land of pure is now getting bred in turmoils of agony! Here it is a passage,worthy to be known!

      Men in Green,truly the name of bravery! But all men? that is a separate debate.

      میں اکثر ماں سے کہتا تھا ماں ! دعا کرنا کہ کبھی تیرا یہ بیٹا خاکی وردی پہنے سینے پہ تمغے سجاءے مجاہدوں کا سا نور لیے تیرے سامنے فخر سے کھڑا ہو، اور میری ماں میری ماں یہ سن کر ہنس دیا کرتی تھی ـ ـ ـ کبھی جو تمہیں میری ماں ملے تو اْس سے کہنا وہ اب بھی ہنستی رہا کرے، کہ شہیدوں کی مائیں رویا نہیں کرتیں۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ میں اکثر ماں سے کہتا تھا اْس دن کا انتظار کرنا، جب دھرتی تیرے بیٹے کو پکارے گی، اور ان عظیم پربتوں کے درمیان بہتے اْشو کے دریا کا نیلا پانی، اور سوات کی گلیوں میں بارش کے قطروں کی طرح گرتی روشنی کی کرنیں پکاریں گی۔ ۔ ۔ اور پھر اس دن کے بعد، میرا انتظار نہ کرنا، کہ خاکی وردی میں جانے والے اکثر، سبز ہلالی میں لوٹ کر آتے ہیں۔ ۔ ۔۔ ۔ گر میری ماں۔ ۔ ۔ آج بھی میرا انتظار کرتی ہے، گھر کی چوکھٹ پہ بیٹھی لمحے گنتی رہتی ہے، میرے لیے کھانا ڈھک رکھتی ہے۔ ۔ ۔ کبھی جو تمہیں میری ماں ملے تو اْس سے کہنا، وہ گھر کی چوکھٹ پہ بیٹھ کر میرا انتظار نہ کیا کرے۔ ۔ ۔ ۔ خاکی وردی میں جانے والے لوٹ کر کب آتے ہیں؟

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Love Mein Ghum – Sick Celebrities !

I could have never said a word about Lollywood or the present ajeeb o garib media propagating in our land but this Lux walay,Fish! Are they in senses ? Lux,a brand that is here from ages and was known,aik beauty denay wala sabun,that bloody beauty soap is now sponsoring Reema Khan’s Love Mein Ghum.I can never expect anything good from Reema or this industry,kion kay yahan log artists nahin bantay aik public figure bantay hain! Stage & Film is something about creative people,not only beautiful.Well,Lux ka damagh kharab hogaya hai,uskay sath Reema ka! But what on earth are these 40 Pakistani Celebrities!My foot!

Definition of Celebrity here?

A human who comes on Tv,who has a facebook page,who is seen in expensive cafes and outdoors and is scandalicious.

There is a song,love mein ghum that is being played 24/7 nowadays on all major Pakistani Channels,even on Geo Network plus unexpectedly on CNBC Pakistan,its a promo and somehow the title song of Reema’s movie.This video is filled up with all possible junk! Pagal hogaye hai Reema or is video ka director Saqib Malik,man! get a life,if you thinking that you have produced a new era in Lollywood,go get a life,seriously! Are you aware that what kind of thing you are trying to open now? It would be a new pandora box!

Aur Ali Zafar,is banday ki samjh nahin ati,yeh khud aik film hai,though I was his big fan,lekin ab tou har jaga he yeh ata hai,sahi hai atleast creative hai,true artists hai.Song by music and somewhat lyrics acceptable.

Now come these 40 celebrities

Hello Junk and Juke! Afsoos is baat ka hai kay inmay kuch bohat baray naam hain.

1.Javaid Shaikh & Nadeem Baig

Sir,I always respected you both,apko is Kut-Khanay mai anay ki kia zarurat thi?

2.Adnan Sidiki,Mohib & Amna Shaikh

You 3 are something valuable


She is one slut,I don’t know what the hell is driving her now,she had accepted phone sex on Vibe TV and was first Pakistani girl to sit in blouse for some exercise show,Fish! Her Guchi Guchi Goooo.I will write separate on her Kanjar Puna but what else can be more devastating that midnight on AAG Tv,a girl who is barely wearing anything good hosts a show,Baji Online! You GTH!

4.Noor & Plenty of Models

Tum log sirf photos mai achay lagtay ho,ziada over na ho!


You three have missed Veena,oops! She is a bollywood star now,pehlay yeh mujhay batao,tum log Celebrities ho? Yeah! By the definition here,you are!

6.Humayun Saeed & Ayesha Khan

On screen,Off screen,On,Off! In dono ka apas mai kia connection hai? Ayesha is one good artist and Humayun is huh! Man you should retire from this field now.

7.Mona Lisa

Damn Hot! Who said that? Himesh reshmiya’s Lip-Lock doesn’t mean you are celebrity! Koi Mona Lisa ko Angrezi dur ki baat,Urdu sekha dey,,kam kapray pehano – Woh Gaye > Ho gaye Baray Artist!

8.Sadia Imam

You know,by showing your tummy,you have lost alot! seriously,Indian Sari pehan lo,Desi Girl nahin banay wali woh Priyanka he hai,you were one girl who had always been favorite in PTV dramas because of your selfless acting and very positive family-oriented characters.Ja Bhar Mai!

9.HSY & tons of Baigharats

Oye! You are one Sick Guy here :S

10.Tapu Javeri & Mehreen

Keeping a camera doesn’t make one person a photographer,you suck big time! Mehreen,you were starters to Gund-Khana,I remember you were quite prominent on sunday papers,seriously,there are more pretty girls than you,you seem to be self-obsessed by your interviews

11.Neha,Nadia Hussain & Natasha

Neha was one girl jisko Ali Haider kay sath scandal bana kay rakha and usay woh hit ho kar,Urban Sole kay pages pe agaye,What? Seriously those papers when I saw them on an outlet,I was like is there any free undergarments with every shoe! Oh no! Neha was just filling up the hotness demands

Nadia Hussain,She is a dentist? Trust me she would have never put a denture into any patients jaw! Oh denture is big thing, she must have been sucking the saliva out in OPD during some very very minor procedure.

Natasha,Take a Break!

12.Tariq Amin

Mr.Fraudiye ki video mai anay wala,jo khud Sunsilk ki adverts mai hota hai,but khud itnay lambay baal hain k bus :S He must get a Hair Brandship aur Channo ki video wala,Hair Stylist? Please you all Hair stylists,tell us some differences between Barber & Hair Stylists ! :S We are a state where people are dead out there for not getting basic necessities and they – baal kat tey hain hazaron kay, pagal ho tum log ?

13.Gia Ali

Whenever I listen this name,I laugh,Hahaha! Tumhara yeh asal nam tou nahin :O Is ‘Ali’ & ‘Khan’ compulsory for fame?

14.Ali Saleem


15.Maria Wasti

My Foot! You have already spoiled your image.

16.Azfar Rehman & Ayesha Omer

Azfar aik shokha Insan hogaya or Ayesha ki net pe swiming custome mai pics achuki hain

17.Noor Hassan

Bhai Jan aap BOOM ON LIVE pe he achay lagtay thay! seriously,neither you know how to dance nor you know how to act!

18.Rambo,Omer Sharif & Sahiba!

You guys were good comedians of good ol’ PTV age,please is kanjar khanay ka hisa na banain!

19.Moamar Rana

Ja Bhai Kaam Kar

Isi tarah kay kafi logon ne is video ko chaar chand laga diye hain! SINGH IS KING kay steps copy karkey they are coming up with hit! And those who say kay this song is hit.NOOOOO! Its just the LUX SPONSORSHIP.As for celebrities,fact is that we don’t know whom we call our celebrities,atleast acceptable honay chahye society main! Now how many of them I mentioned are real-time lovables? Nadeem Baig .. or? Kuch Had Tak Omer Sharif! Javed Shaikh? Aur? .. Yeh Konsa Pak-istan bana rae hain?

I want answers to:

*Yeh dresses pehan kar yeh auratain kia dikha rae hain? Kay we are liberal? No way! They could have done better

*Reema itni chalaingay maar maar kar is movie ko hit kar sakay gi? (agar yeh movie hit hoye tou Na sirf RK Productions,balkay iskay viewers bhi pagal ho chukay hongay)

*Most Important Que: IS THIS PAKISTAN?

We need to understand,kay yeh log jin may se ziada ko na acting ati hai na public appearance,na sahi se bolna ata hai – these are our celebrities! YOU ALL NEED A BIG ROD.When you put this on air,world sees it! Ks monh se you represent it?

Agar aap log aesay he hain and you want to say that they have freedom,then listen,theres a freedom of expression but not freedom of action! You all should go and dump your heads in sand dunes.SICK PATHETIC SALA-BARUTIES!

FIRST ITS YOUR VALUES & NORMS,SECOND IS YOUR OWN RESPECT & THIRD IS YOUR REPRESENTATION – there is no space of forgetting yourself for coming at par with world.

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Yeh Bachay Man Kay Kachay

Its sunday night,just ended up studying something for morning,well University of Engineering & Tech. has lost much of the respect after the annulment of entry test that was taken for the undergraduation admissions today,paper leaked out the same like that happened in National Univ.of Sciences & Tech. paper,I am no mood to say it anything in this regard until the stupid/insane statement from the law agencies isn’t announced,then I can easily make fun of that statement – koi sarhi mari jaye gi!

But the point that cracked me is,there is a lot in Pakistan,young very youthful,energetic but just PARTY PEOPLE! Most of them rather all of them belong to upper class,knowledge is acquired just to sit in an office which was made when he/she wasn’t born,Khandani businesses,other words we can say modified ‘citizen lords’,these children -wesay itnay bhi bachay nahin- but somehow teenagers have very disrupted thoughts and quite a confused state of mind,very unstable.They have somethings,they have not adapted only but have accepted into their lives.This is an endemic,their habits are bringing a diseased class flourish.

First to know,Who are they?

They are just spoiled brats,who love Xbox,Playstation,wana see every movie in 3D,they love their cellphones,their cellphones & iPads & such gadgets have blueprints,if they are boys they love to talk about sex,if they are girls they love to hangout with boys.Sheesha is more important to them.They don’t know what is love,but they say this every week or atleast every valentine.They don’t know the norms & often seen in jeans sitting in a wedding ceremony(fish).They want to study in Harvard but are not eligible enough to be studied in Model School of Dera Ghazi Khan.They think they are Bill Gates,but are not able to multiply very simple equations without calculator.They go to evening schools,not to study but to date some hot girl(I mean some real-time self exposing girl).They do Olevels & Alevels(I don’t mean to point this education system,I mean that they feel matric/inter system very paindu! so by their high goals they can’t end up in local system).They are born to highly earning but educationally illiterates,girls wear less.They see American dramas,as local Pakistani dramas are very old-ish for them.They all love music & concerts. … They are full of characters,hope so gave an outlook to you,you must have met many like that! & yes they all are not real!

Girls having sheesha openly,Party Girls (identity of faces protected)

What can they do?

1.Can call a minister directly.

2.Can touch and sit on opposite genders.

3.Can easily pass the exam without studying.

4.Can sleep overnight wherever they like.

5.Can never know Alif Bay Pay Tay (they hate urdu)

6.Can never memorize National Anthem.

7.Can never know Islamiat

8.Can be great guitarists

9.Can be pornstars

10.Can brag alot.

Why are they like this?

Because their parents allowed them to be,inkay maa baap ne taleem he aesi di hoti hai.Kuch aesay case bhi hotay hain k inkay Walid Sahb k extra-martial relations chal rae hotay hain and Amaa jee ki dermatologist k pas appointment hoti hai,after all she is busy with her skin uplift treatment.Unko jesi taleem mili wohi reh gaye.They don’t know diff. between good or bad,right or wrong.Zindagi unkay liye aik Party hai! Most of them what I perceive are fed on haram,thats why they never get a truthful way to live.They actually don’t know things because they were not taught to see and observe the other side of the picture.They get what is given to them.

Image of the movie: Slackistan,made on these spoiled brats by Hammad Khan,the movie was banned to be screened all over Pakistan,though private shows in auditoriums were made.

What do they study?

Economics & Business are their majors,majal hai koi science ki side pe anay k kabil ho! There are few renowed places in the city where they study:

1.kion kay wahan merit nahin hota

2.kion kay wahan unko apnay jesay mil jatay hain

3.kion kay unko shodi harkatain karney ka bohat shok hota hai

Where can you meet them?

Hardly in classrooms,you can find them in corridors,cafes,parties,their friend’s bedrooms,late night in some boulevards.

What will they say on your first acquaintance?

They will tell you about every possible Kanjar-puna under heading of ‘Fun’.

They are greats in all negative things,but nonetheless,they are Man kay Kachay! In a nutshell,they need Money & Dirt! This is all they need.Some of them are sent abroad by parents if they are real parents by meaning,they live abroad and somehow crushed in that world alone,they start life from scratch and bring something good out of them(har banday mai aik positive side hoti hai) and if they keep on partying,koi nahin aba jee ki mill chal rae hai,dada jee ki zameenay hain! Party kartay raho,for sure that lot will give rise to worst generation.They are actually making this place a Baigharat Republic !


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Fashion-Nama Part 1

Its saturday night,I am in my room,just had the tea,now listening to Zoe Vicajji’s Mera Bichra Yaar,not bad but exclusive Strings print is undoubtedly love,but the ajeeb thing is that the music video or promotion I don’t know but whatever is with this video,there is a must involvement of Levi’s Pakistan,rather this cover is for promotion of Levi’s,I wonder in a country where the basic needs aren’t fulfilled how dare they come up with promoting the brands,recently I read that Tag Heuer is finding a brand ambassador in Pakistan – Khuda ka Khauf karo! Yahan pehlay Ghurbat ka ambassador dhondo,we are totally in a deprivation! Well that sounds absurd because there is a huge class in Pakistan though not comparative to the gigantic mass of poverty;but there is a class,we all see on sunday papers,posing in some late night parties hosted by QYT or HSY,now what the shit they are doing? They are fashion designers.

Ather Shahzad ki Larkion kay sath ziada picture hoti hain - Khush Raho!

Before I start up with Fashion-Nama,some real facts of fashion designers,no one would be that open to express:

1.Intiha kay Shoday,I don’t mean all of them,but majority are! (Good people do exist every where – I met some real decent fellows)

2.When you meet them the hardest thing is to judge,whether they are male or female 😛 (Even the male ones get there whole body waxed,with girlish tone and their specific hand movements,as for female ones,they seem to be quite well in it)

3.What do they sell,I seriously don’t get this,a dress of 15K by Hassan Sheryar Yasin,now please tell me is that made up of gold fibers or made by platinum machines.What they sell,dresses? Which are good ok! but not worthy of this price.

4.Doctors go to hospital,Bankers go to bank,where do they go? Fashion Shows? Daily? Where Boutiques? which are usually people-less,aiven dou chaar log hotay hain unmai  – Mujhay kia pata

5.If you have a fashion designer in your facebook profile,mean it,you would have the maximum news feed from them – roz new albums, larkion mai beht beht kay pictures! (I severe I am not jealous,because they are not decent at all,ruj kay hochi)

6.By my perception – Jo galat bhi hosakti hai, 60% fashion designers never wanted to be what they are,kahin admission nahin hua tu aba jee ne Fashionista bana dia

7.They pretend as if they are better than Artists.Oh c’mon,kapray hon,paak hon,jisam ko dhanp sakain or achay hon kafi hain! – aam zindagi mai aam rehna chahea,simple! They tend to clear that how fashion is important for us! Bhai Jaan! How many of the big names of the world you have seen in suitings with contrasting collars!

Takaluf he Kia Yeh Pehanay Ka - Pakistan Fashion Week Picture

8.They make boutiques in the most posh areas,kion middle class ko fashion ki zarurat nahin? kion hogi.

9.If you buy a brand,the reality is,pehli dafa dholnay k baad apki maid apko kahay gi,’Bhai jan! yeh shirt phat gae hai’ – agar phatay gi nahin tou rung badal jaye ga

10.Mujhay taras ata hai when they say,We will be huge in future. Kia Banda PAISAY,DAULAT,SHUHURAT(jo woh kanjar khanay se pa laitay hain) or SUNDAY PAGES PE ANAY SE ‘HUGE’ HOTA HAI? – Pity!

Jaa Mama Kam Kar - CartoonNetwork pe jao

Sedhi c baat hai,qaumon ki prefrences hain,every nation designs such! Lets say India,the hub of Film and Fashion,but nonetheless they have there ownship of culture.Koi Maa ka laal,yeh bataye k agar Indian Sari,Pakistani Shalwar Kameez or American Skirt ka Mixture banaya jaye,tu woh kapray kabhi koi pehan kar kahin ja sakta hai? – Haan! Sirf toilet mai.

In Kapron ko Pakistan Mai Kahan Pehana Ja sakta hai ?

Koi Yeh bataye,whatever they design,is that possible to be worn in public places,in your institutes,even not possible to wear in your frankest meetings,but I respect your designing – why? aiven. Dil rakh lon ap logon ka.

Fashion hai yeh

Wesay ap logon ki kia baat hai! But to be real this isn’t there fault mainly,now in a country like Pakistan they are trying to make next Paris matter,tou inka kasur nahin,end pe kasur education ministry ka hai,what type of things they are proliferating.One of my friends,recently encountered with biotechnology labs,he deduced that our science is lacking more than anything,our institutes are vacant,science is touching in hybridizing the new material and we are still thinking individually.Now wasting this young lot in modelling and fashion industry can we bring a huge input here – sawal he paida nahin hota, there may be thousands of fashion students today,not even one of them was capable of devising new era or coming up with a new thought in science? – In may koi aik bhi itna kabil nahin? Aik ho shyd? 10 hon? 50 hon? ya shyd 100 hon?.Mai bilkul bhi koi scientist ya pro-einstein type nahin,lekin zara socho e.g. 500 fashion designers,how many of them can collectively earn for land,I don’t mean earning as capital,earning is develpoment in a state,capital tou automatic hota hai.Now don’t u start comparing us with west.They have an equal and more potent distribution,they have planning,humari tarah kal pe kaam dalnay walay nahin woh!

Yahan aik zamana aya k sab ne MBA shru krdia,phir sab ne MCS/BCS shru krdia,we have stupid/idiotic systems,yahan shok se log nahin kuch bantay,yahan majburi se bantay hain! A man who can be a hunk in architecture deads in chemical engineering,woh usi tarah chalta hai.A girl who can be an innovative painter ends up doing interior designing course,Kyun? Because we allowed it! We have educational trends,pora mulk wohi karney lag jata hai! Now koi fashion school ka yeh na kahay,that they have entry test and they have merit! My foot – if you have money,you would be economist,political bending or fashion with computers also to some extent to you! this is it!

As for fate of Fashion in 3rd World country like us- Jaa Bhai ! Kaam kar … You are one sick man if you are saying you are promoting it,but for fashion designers,I DON’t MEAN TO DEGRADE YOU! NOT AT ALL – Yeh ab such hai! You may be giving thousands for your single semester but reality is different,a country where no one knows what can happen next moment would be sitting up saying I have a boutique from where you can buy the finest for your wardrobe? We are setting for hard times in future.Is cheez ki ab zarurat nahin.Somethings become obsolete and some are too early,like banking is now becoming an old trend in west as online banking is getting introduced,whence this subject would continue,but maximum is now computers and figures are managed by it.Fashion is too early here,if you have something in Paris,you would end up very well,but in Karachi … sabko pata hai ya Peshawar,wahan kon yeh fashion khareeday ga!

2 Things,Find ways or Make Ways! Fashion doesn’t fit in any of the two.

(Everything written to the state of the country today,u may be good abroad but at the end you are not to benefit here)

to be continued…

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Boltay Jao Starter

Lately,got an idea of creating a separate blog only for freelance word,not the typical topics which may be every second person here talks on and somehow everyone projects as if they have a better stance than anyone else on this earth,this increasing radical thoughts plus ever increasing mental unstability is one huge drawback in today’s society – anyways uspe koi baat nahin , aik aesa blog jis se aj kay pro-urdu & wanna-be english can get a blend for explaining – okay!

On this blog,I’ll come up with the commonest of all – lekin jo b bolon ga bolta jaonga ! Jisne suna hai sunley,warna I seriously don’t care (never bother about others – no typical habit).My last blog that is going plus 6000 hits -which is one strong poser on Pakistani Blogging community plus Tea Break Bloggers.More of it is written about things I perceived and more of it was furbished by the things I read of others,certainly literature is a mutual verdict,new writers learn from the past ones.Here,I am free and will keep on saying jo dil chahay ga 😀

Now,don’t u relate me with another ,I am the most common of the commonest! But yes,I think differently rather insanely,I know that.Ofcourse agar kahin baigharat-khana khola hoga tou mai chup nahin rahun ga,agar kahin kholay-aam social norms ki dhajian urhae jayein gi tu mai chup nahin rahun ga,apni taraf se mai likhun ga yahan aur zara formal tarekay se paper media main(one dumb somehow manipulated source),but bolo.Koi kahay k mujhay afat pari hai,tu kehta rahay,Mai Bolon ga or sab ko kahun ga – Boltay Jao!

Anyways,this blog would help me to say whenever I would like to telecast what I am onto,you can subscribe me to know the otherside of the scene.But remember,the world is in a state of relativity,one thing that may be good by me can be wrong by others,parallel to it are the facts of universality – undoubted!

Peace 🙂

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